AH-Ah-ah-ah-ah! Still making Krabby Patties!

While I'm at it, let me tell you about our summer!

The story isn't finished yet, but there's a few picture chapters already. Click on the pictures below!

Chapter 1 - Memorial Day/
Gary's Birthday   May 25
Chapter 2 - Family Fun Day
June 13
Chapter 3 - Horse rides on
Strawberry Festival Day June 27
Chapter 4 - Jamie and Uncle Phil come to visit in July
Gary in front of the Town Hall
Julie with foam on her head
Julie tries a horsey ride
Jamie and Uncle Phil
Chapter 5 - Yarmouth Clam Festival third week in July
Chapter 6 - Kettle Cove
Chapter 7 - Grandpa's 90th Birthday Aug. 14-17
Chapter 8 - The beach/
Mommy's birthday - Aug. 25
Julie tried bumber cars this year
Sunset at Kettle Cove
Grandpa and his 6 kids Julie loves to boogie