Back to Nature

Fishing and Foolin' around we say good bye to summer

daddy shows julie and gary how to cast
julie has a seagull on her head!

Daddy shows Gary and Julie how to cast on a cool sunny day
at Hinckley Park in South Portland

Daddy, Gary, Julie and Mommy at Two Lights. A seagull and sat on Julie's head. (not really)
Julie casts first Then Gary Julie gets a bite A new playground! I know I saw that frog somewhere Skipping stones
Julie reels it in Daddy helps The trophy! Skipping more stones Julie isn't sure about this The seagull king
Gary's got one too! Julie's second Daddy takes the hook out The seagull king eating Daddy and Jule Gary, Daddy and Julie
The one that got away Not while Daddy's around! Look at that sucker. Look Dad! Julie Mommy, Gary and Julie